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I love to write and my biggest hindrance is having enough time to write all of the ideas that I am burning to type. I usually write/edit/release a book every three months. Here is a general outline of my next several books and when to expect them. But be aware it is subject to change.

Books available on Pre-order:

To be released December 5, 2017:

Next in the River’s End Series

To be released: January 31, 2018


I’m currently writing:

Look for River’s Destiny in the Spring of 2018

Followed by the rest of the River’s End Series:

And also in 2018 I will be starting a new series:

If you have a question please email me and ask. I never mind talking books!


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  1. Linda

    I love your Sister Series books! I discovered them this past month and am really enjoying the series. The nature of my job and family keeps me extremely busy so I discovered audio books about 7 months ago which allows me to read more books while working and while at home. I hope you are going to put more of your books on audio in the future. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Have a blessed new year!


    love the sister series. can’t wait for the release of the lost sister

  3. Liz Remsberg

    I just finished Diversions, now I’ve read all of your books and cannot wait for more!

  4. China

    I have read many of your books and I am working on the Sister series. I can’t wait for The Lost Sister and The Step Sister. Your books are so heartwarming and “hit you right there”.

    Love your books and keep writing!!

  5. Joyce Wells

    Rivers End books are awesome can’t wait for book seven. Read a book a day till finished. Just reading a little bit got me looking forward to Fall.

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