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The Zenith Trilogy


The Zenith Trilogy:

Share in the fall, rise and eventual fulfillment of the rock band Zenith’s destiny…

Book cover for Zenith Falling

Book #1

Joelle married Rob Williams, lead singer of the rock band, Zenith, before she was old enough to know better. She spent years following Zenith, while they struggled to become rock stars. Now, however, alcoholism has replaced the talent that once would have made Rob a legend… rendering Joelle’s life into a downward spiral, completely out of her control. The problem is: not a soul in the world cares, including her husband.

Nick Lassiter is a powerful business magnate in Seattle, Washington who was acquainted with Joelle long ago, and before she became Joelle Williams. Nick’s reunion with Joelle gives her a link to a world outside of Zenith. That world soon starts to become far more appealing than the crazy, alcohol-soaked one she abides in. One fateful night, her entire life implodes and Nick is the only person she can run to. Joelle soon realizes one thing clearly: Nick Lassiter has become a lot more than just a friend who can save her.

When Zenith disbands and Rob tries to get sober, Joelle reclaims her own identity, one which has nothing to do with Zenith. The person she becomes is nothing like the young, fragile girl who needed rescuing when Nick first met her. She discovers someone who just might be a woman worth loving.

Book cover for Zenith Rising

Book #2

Dr. Erica Heathersby is the last person Spencer Mattox, ex-band member of Zenith, should ever be attracted to. When Erica offers Spencer a job, he resents her for it, because she is successful in her career, her life and as a person, in ways Spencer believes he can never be. But Erica soon finds her medical practice the target of political debate, and herself the target of someone’s violent desires. Erica turns to Spencer for protection, which develops into a relationship that neither of them is prepared for. Erica knows that in order to keep Spencer from destroying what they have built together, she has to overcome the devastating past he tries to hide. But then again, none of it will matter, if Erica doesn’t survive what is fast becoming someone’s deadly intentions towards her.

Book cover for Zenith Fulfilled

Book #3

Rob Williams used to be the lead singer of his band, Zenith, before his alcoholism destroyed his career, his marriage and his life. Now, writer, Rebecca Randall wants to chronicle his recovery and in the process, establish herself as a successful author. What this mother of three young girls doesn’t realize is how well the tattooed, former rocker, Rob fits into her small town, country life. That is until Rebecca’s estranged husband comes home and wants to rebuild their relationship. As Rob leaves, and attempts to make his dreams of Zenith come true, Rebecca’s life falls into a depression that nothing, short of divorce, will end. But how can Rob, now lead singer of Zenith, ever return to Rebecca’s ordinary life?

Praise for The Zenith Trilogy:

Zenith Falling: “When you read a Leanne Davis book you know it’s going to be something so painfully emotional, and tragic, that your stomach feels knotted while reading it. When I saw she had a new series coming out I was both happy and scared at the same time. Her characters go through feelings of guilt, sadness and devastated sympathy before getting there happy ending and as a reader you are along on that emotional journey from beginning to end….”
“We were introduced to all the characters who will be in the next two books in this book and I for one cannot wait to read their stories.”   ~ Cindy, SnS Reviews- 5 stars

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Zenith Rising: “This author drives me crazy. I have her release dates written on my calendar. I count down the days till her next book and look so forward to that release day that no other book interest me until I get it and read it. And, I can honestly say I am never disappointed once I get that book. Her books are guaranteed emotional messes.”……”This was another beautifully written story of overcoming ones past and learning that it does not define you and you are worthy of love.” ~ Cindy Sns Reviews 5 Stars

Zenith Rising review in Full: SnS Reviews

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