Author Leanne Davis

The Son Series

A spin-off of The Sister Series about the sons of Ryder and Tara Kincaid as well as Chet and Chloe Willipana (The Lost Sister & The Remaining Sister).

Join their sons as they discover the meaning of family, love and relationships, as they find their destinies and all with a little help from each other.

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Book cover of the novel Wyatt

Book #1


I don’t trust him.

Who’s he? Wesley. The guy who mugged my parents and then somehow, spectacularly, ends up becoming my brother. But in reality? He will never be anything to me. Unfortunately, accompanying the arrival of Wesley is Jacy. She has run the streets with him and follows him to my parents’ home. Raised by my dad and stepmom, in the small town of Silver Springs, I won’t allow my parents to push these strangers on me as my family.

They aren’t welcome, and especially by me.

Jacy Walker has her own tales of horror, but I have no interest and no desire to help her unravel or deal with them. Starting my new job, I don’t want anything to do with the changes she brings to my life, even as I can’t deny the unwanted attraction between us. That is until I figure out who she really is and what she is really doing there.

Book cover of the novel Wesley

Book #2


Yeah, I don’t trust them.

Who are they? They are the family who adopts me when I’m seventeen-years-old. Who does that? Who adopts a nearly grown man? I’ve never had a permanent home and should most likely be in jail. I’d long since runaway from the foster care system after my last “home” had an older kid using my back for a cigarette tray. My means of supporting myself? Whatever necessary. That includes anything and everything I needed to do to survive. That’s all my life has been about to date anyway: survival. And you know what? I’ve done just that.


Then this strange family decides to rescue me. I don’t trust their motives for a second and I’m ready at any moment for it to go wrong. Nothing is going to make me believe in them. Even as I meet Dandria Dawson, a waitress in my adoptive mom’s café, who tries to show me a softer side to life. Still… I know that nothing lasts, not food, shelter, parents, friends, brothers, families and certainly not love. So I’m ready for it all to go to crap, but until then? Jokes on all of them, I’ll take advantage of it until the very last moment.

Book cover of the novel Devon

Book #3


I fell in love with Ireena Monroe and then she fell in love with my identical twin brother. It ripped us apart and we haven’t spoken in years.

All my life, Claudia Tamasy has come to town visiting her aunt, and to bother me. Her dad opens a branch of his business near Silver Springs and I get a job there, and of course, so does Claudia. She seems to have an endless crush on me. But what the hell do I care about her feelings as I seek my fortune? For the last thing that will ever distract me is a relationship. Fool me once… well, I watched the girl I loved marry my brother. No, hell no, will I ever be fooled again.

Until my brother calls me with devastating news about Ireena and Claudia tries to make me see I have to go help my brother. But how can I forgive him? And what can I do about Claudia as she freaking follows me home?

Book cover of the novel Damion

Book #4


My daughter, Dayshia is my entire life, even as I grieve her mother, who dies way too young. I’m convinced I’ll never love again, and even more sure, I don’t want to. I end up back in my hometown of Silver Springs, where my parents will now help me raise my daughter, while I try to make amends with the brother I wronged. I propose a vision of expanding my mom’s café into a chain restaurant, starting here in the Pacific Northwest. The challenge of it keeps me from falling into total depression and boredom. And the perfect person to help with that, unfortunately, is PR consultant Kaeja Ingalles, who also happened to be my wife’s best friend.

Kaeja has tried in earnest to keep check on me and my daughter, almost as distraught over my wife’s death as I am. But I don’t have the patience to handle her grief, along with my own. I’ve shunned her attention for a long time. But my daughter? She takes complete comfort from her… and I find I can’t keep them apart. I’m sure she and I will never be anything. For how could we ever move past Ireena? We can’t. But oddly enough, I seem to be the only one who understands that.