I’m a contemporary romance author who has written more than 20 books and I currently have five series: The Sister Series, The Daughters Series, The River’s End Series, The Zenith Trilogy, and The Seaclusion Series, and one standalone novel, Diversions. Please leave a comment or if you have a question, I will make every effort to respond as soon as I see it!

Please note anything posted here is not private. But I value getting feedback… all kinds are welcome (unless it’s spam). So please tell me what you think!

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  1. Kathleen (Kathi) Kelley

    Hello again Leanne. I just finished reading (and reviewing on Amazon) The Inbetween Years. Thank you for a riveting sequel to The Other Sister. I have read all of the books in the Sister Series and am so looking forward to the next book. Have also read the first two books in the Seaclusion Series and the first book in The Rivers End Series. Thank god for a talented, creative and inspired story teller such as yourself! You have not only provided me with hours of reading pleasure but with new insights and new perspectves. Keep on creating! I am so glad that your seeing and feeling the sucess you deserve!!! Kathi

  2. Susan

    Your books are amazing. Each one fills me with emotion and your style of writing is perfect. One of the best days of my life was when I found your stories. I have had so much pleasure reading them not only once but again and again. Keep on writing and have faith in your brilliant talent. Thank you.

  3. Kathleen (Kathi) Kelley

    Leanne, it has been a while since I contacted you (previously I contacted you about The Other Sister, The Good Sister and The Years Inbetween). I finally read and finished The Best Friend. I had started it several times but just stopped cuz was having difficulty getting into the story. So very glad I persisted! It was an astounding story and nothing like I could have imagined. It was good to get some input from Will, Jessie and Lindsey as well as the chance to get to know something about Gretchen’s sisters. I just started The Wrong Sister and am looking forward to the next in the series. Your Sisters series is really astounding and I was excited to find about the new series you will be spinning off from the Sisters. Thank you for sharing you amazing talent and for hours of outstanding entertainment and the opportunity to get to know some amazing individuals (all of the principels in the Sisters Series). Your characters are individuals I will never forget. Kathi

  4. Mary Olds

    Is there a way for me to be texted or e-mailed when The Broken Sister is available To purchase for my I-pad Kendal app? I usually buy my books through Amazon but could not pre-order this one.

    I love your Books and have read the Sister Series up to this one!

    Mary Olds
    Cookeville, TN

  5. Alexis Powell

    Hi Leanne
    I have read the sister series and the first book in the daughters series they are all amazing.
    I’m just wondering when the second book in the daughters series is going to be released

    Alexis Powell
    Salina, KS

  6. kim

    Hi I have read all the sister series so far and they brill I have just brought seclusion series part from book 1 it’s not on kindle Amazon at all I really wanna read it could you help thanks x

  7. Carol baker

    Looking forward to sister series after book 5.

  8. Janel

    You must write faster. I’m like an addict and your books are my fix. I devoured the Sisters books and started the Daughters. Need Natalie. Or rehab.

  9. Aida

    First let me tell you that you rock!!! I love your books. Just finished the Sisters series that you have out so far and Christina’s book and let me tell you I’m itching for the next book. Please put me out of my misery and release the next book already…

  10. Susan Holtman

    I have enjoyed the Rivers Ends series. When is the fourth book coming out?

  11. Leanne Davis (Post author)

    Thank you! I will start writing the fourth River’s End book in April and I estimate it will be out in August or September of 2016.

  12. Patricia Barber

    Love the Rivers End Books!!!!!
    Read all 3 this week and cant wait for the rest!!!

  13. Teekay

    I’ve just finished reading The Good Sister and it was very enjoyable but I have a couple of gripes if I may. In the space of a couple of paragraphs Penny was described as extremely capable, with everything she could need in her handbag, to deal with any crisis, then all of a sudden she was a massive drama queen. Just felt like it was an about face personality wise. There were a couple of grammatical errors and I found the whole General showing up in hospital, full of remorse very unbelievable, mainly because of the dialogue. But for a story I read for free I shouldn’t complain too much 🙂 Your website is not very tablet friendly.

  14. carole walters

    I am reading The Sister Series and so love the series!! Just finished The Best Friend!! Love that the characters continue in each new book with new focus on a previous character!! Now I am on to The Wrong Sister!! Cannot wait to get going and know I wont put it down!! Will be happy to put a review on Amazon!! take care carole walters
    Long Island New York

  15. dorla d. nelson

    I have just finished the second book in the Daughters Series, and am anxious to continue on with the series. However, I’ve tried several times to order “Melissa” on Amazon kindle with no results. Are they available yet for kindle?

  16. dvsleanne (Post author)

    I have not yet written Melissa… I am planning to start writing it in September of this year… and my hope would be to get finished/edited/released before the end of 2016. I am sorry it’s not sooner! I am working on 3 series and so it takes me awhile to get a “new” book out for each one.

  17. Susan J

    Just finished reading The Perfect Sister. Wow what a fantastic book. I love this series and look forward to more!

  18. Sue Ford

    Thank you; just finished reading your latest sister book the ‘Perfect Sister’ how waiting for the next book read the taster and that has me looking forward to another good read.

  19. Susan

    Just finished The Lost Sister. Wow your books keep getting better and better. I loved it and look forward to the next one.

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