Author Leanne Davis


And last but not least my only (to date!) standalone book Diversions.

Book cover of the novel Diversions

Jason Malone has spent his life being denied by his family. His father, the respected mayor of his hometown, has all but ignored his existence, while his drug-addicted mother has always caused him more harm than good. After being unjustly imprisoned for crimes that lead back to his absentee family, he is finally starting to get his life back together again.

Until the day his estranged brother’s fiancée walks into his life and changes everything.

Christine Andrews is the dutiful daughter of a rich and powerful family, engaged to Trent Gallagher, her father’s right hand man, and poised to join her father and Trent in running the empire her father has built. Until Christine discovers the existence of Jason Malone and suddenly she begins to doubt everything around her, including her fiancé.

Christine becomes caught in a power struggle between the two brothers, but she soon realizes there is far more at stake than her heart, when one night everything is altered forever…

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