Author Leanne Davis

Seaclusion Series


Book cover of the novel Poison

Book #1

On the run from her violent ex-husband, Cassie Reeves will do anything to keep her son safe, even if it means turning to a man she betrayed a decade ago. John Tyler now hates her as much as he once loved her—but Cassie has no choice.

John’s quiet life as a small town doctor in Seaclusion, Washington has no place in it for the woman he turned his back on ten years ago. But when Cassie and her son land on his doorstep, he can’t turn them away. The longer she stays, though, the harder it is to remember why he stopped loving her.

With her ex-husband closing in, Cassie soon realizes that only she can end what he has started.  And as John and Cassie’s mutual attraction reignites, she vows to do anything to protect her son and grab the happiness that has escaped her for so long.

Book cover of the novel Notorious

Book #2

Luke Tyler wants peace from the grief that has ruled his life in the three years since his wife’s death. Instead he is forced to share a house with Kelly Reeves as they care for their shared nephew. He dislikes everything about Kelly until he begins to glimpse the true woman hiding beneath the notorious reputation that Kelly has carefully created.

Kelly thought her trip to the small town of Seaclusion, Washington, would be nothing but a forgettable two-week vacation. Then she accidentally witnesses Luke’s staggering grief and suddenly reevaluates what is truly important.

Soon, Luke becomes the only person she trusts past the facade she has cultivated. Kelly believes their love can conquer all, but Luke isn’t convinced. Kelly is forced back to her life of fame and fortune, making Luke question which is riskier…letting her walk away or running after her?

Book cover of the novel Secrets

Book #3

 When Sarah Langston catches teenager, Angie Peters, shoplifting a maternity shirt from her store the last thing she intends is to become involved with Angie or her family.  But something tugs at her heart and she finds herself struggling to help Angie deal with the pregnancy she has hidden for months.

Scott Delano, Angie’s uncle, has taken care of Angie and her mother since his father died six years ago.  Despite his efforts he doesn’t seem able to reach his niece and is thankful when Sarah steps in.

Sarah becomes the victim of anonymous pranks that start out small but quickly grow more disturbing.  Her relationship with Scott grows when she turns to him for protection and support.  But when Angie’s baby is born and the father is revealed, the police cast their eyes upon Scott as the stalker.  And Sarah soon realizes there are secrets that could change everything…

Book cover of the novel Poison

Book #4

Angie Peters has come home to Seaclusion, Washington, the town she fled years ago after giving her daughter up for adoption. She once again has a secret she will tell no one, especially Sean Langston, the boy she had a child with so many years before.

Sean Langston has a reputation he can’t shake as a result of what happened with Angie. For reasons he will share with no one, he is trying to restore a historical house he plans to make into a bed and breakfast named Seclusion. The old, decrepit house has come to represent what Sean wants to be, and not who he has been.

But with Angie back, suddenly, everything between them is different.Sean has never stopped loving Angie, and together, after all these years, they start the relationship they were incapable of having as teenagers. Until Sean learns the secret that brought Angie home, and will once again rip their lives apart.


Praise for the Seaclusion Series: 

Poison: “The romance in this book isn’t traditional. It’s realistic. Cassie had a self-destruct personality and John always went the way of least resistance. The harm that these two caused each other due to this was heartbreaking to read. I love finding new authors that bring a fresh and different voice. This is going to be a 4 book series. I look forward to reading the next book in this series.” ~ Cindy, SnS review– 4 stars

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Poison:This was a great story that really read true-to-life – a woman attempts to stay one step ahead of the psychotic ex that is stalking her and her son….This story took me all over the place. There was, of course, romance but there was also suspense and a bit of action and some humor” ~ Marissa, Romancing the Book- 4 stars

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Notorious: “From here we get to go on the emotional healing journey with Kelly and Luke. Is that healing a smooth process – No. Do both Kelly and Luke keep throwing up roadblocks to prevent that process – Yes. Was it as a reader an incredibly journey from start to finish – Yes. There are two more books in this series and I cannot wait to see what the author has in store for Sarah…” –Cindy, SnS review- 4 stars

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Seclusion:  There is just no way to accurately describe the emotions you feel when reading this book… This is why I read. For the emotional depth that’s written on pages that pull you in to the story so deeply you feel every emotion straight through to your core. This author never fails to amaze me with her stories. I devour them and Angie Peters and Sean Langston’s heartbreaking story that spans over 10 years gripped me from the start of their story in Secrets to its conclusion in Seclusion.” ~Cindy, SnS Reviews, 5 stars

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Seclusion: Realistic Romance at it’s finest Leanne Davis has done something that not many romance writers do. She writes a sub-genre that is realistic romance. SECLUSION is not escapism–these are flawed people that you could meet anywhere who are trying to work through the problems of life. They are not millionaires nor are they unbelievably gorgeous. But their story is worth telling and gives hope to those in similar situations.”  ~ Dot Dittman- Fresh Fiction

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I am a fellow author. I just finished reading Notorious and intend to write a review for Amazon. It was an enjoyable read and I was tempted to go on with the series and read Secrets, but I guess it isn’t out yet. If you have an ARC, I’d be glad to read & review it. The teaser on my Kindle has me hooked.

LOVED SECLUSION! The story had me enthralled from the first chapter! I am leaving reviews of this wonderfully written book everywhere I can so no one will miss out on this captivating story. Once again Leanne has not disappointed! !

Is there going to be a Seaclusion book 5???!!!

When is the next seclusion book coming out? I have read all four and loved them!

I have finished the Sisters series and then the daughters series…absolutely a fresh new wonderful author. Thank you. Now I am going to read The Seaclusion Series!!