Welcome to my website! I write contemporary romance novels that are total fiction…but could happen. Below is a rundown of my current series and the titles that are available or soon to be. If you would like more information about a certain title or series click on the tabs above (or ask me! I always love to talk about books). I am currently working on three series: The Sister Series, The Daughters Series and The River’s End Series, which I switch off adding new releases to.

Current Book in Progress: The Broken Sister (Sister Series, #6)

Estimated Release: June, 2016

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The Other Sister: Kindle,Print & Audio Book Buy Link


The Years Between: Kindle, Print & Audio Book Buy Link

YearsBetween_CVR_LRGThe Good Sister: Kindle, Print & Audio Book Buy Link


The Best Friend: Kindle, Print & Audio Book Buy Link

BestFriend_CVR_LRGThe Wrong Sister: Kindle, Print & Audio Book Buy Link

WrongSister_CVR_MEDThe Years After: Kindle, Print & Audio Book Buy Link


Christina (Daughters, Book #1) Kindle & Print  Buy Link


Natalie (Daughters, Book 2) Kindle & Print Buy Link


ZenithBannerZenith Falling: Kindle & Print Buy Link

ZenithFalling_CVR_XSMLZenith Rising: Kindle & Print Buy Link

ZenithRising2_CVR_XSMLZenith Fulfilled: Kindle & Print  Buy Link

ZenithFulfilled_CVR_XSMLSeaclusion 2015The characters are all connected to Seaclusion, Washington a fictional town set along the Pacific Ocean.

Poison-Kindle & Print Buy Link

Poison_CVR_MED Notorious: Kindle & Print Buy Link


Secrets: Kindle & Print Buy Link

Secrets_w8142_med Seclusion: Kindle & Print Buy Link.



Rivers-End-2-Final-trimRiver’s End: Kindle & Print Buy Link.

Rivers-Escape-01-trimRiver’s Escape:  Kindle &Print Buy Link

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My stand alone book-

Diversion: Kindle & Print Buy Link Diversions_CVR_XSML

Thank you all for the amazing feedback you’ve left here… they mean so much to me, and I truly never expected them!

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  1. I’ve just finished reading “The Other Sister”. I found it thought provoking because although I experienced sexual abuse as a child by my biological father, I never experienced the cruelty and pain Jessie did, the effects of sexual abuse are nevertheless devastating. Whilst in therapy and support groups for adult victims of child abuse, I met other women who did experience Jessie’s pain, and I realised that I had a duty to myself to get well. That I had a chance to break the cycle and get out of the loop. Many of the other women in the group had been stuck for years and would continue to be. I applaud you for your indepth understanding of the effects of childhood sexual abuse, cutting, acting out etc. It was a hard book to read but I rejoice in Jessie’s victory even I rejoice in my own. I have now been married for 42 years to a wonderful man and enjoy and very healthy marriage.

  2. Loved the other sister.going to read the good sister and waiting on the book with Gretchen

  3. The characters of Jessie Bains and Will Hendricks are believable and come across like real people with real issues. So often with romance novels there is a lingering feeling of “this could never happen to me” but the real life situations that Jessie and Will endured make the story believable and thus enchanting and captivating. At every turn I found myself wondering how each character would react with the presenting drama, thinking about the story when I had to periodically put the book down and continue with my real life duties, and wondering if they would end up together and be able to overcome the odds that had been stacked against them. This is a testament to love. And, The Other Sister is a testament to the power that lies within us to overcome and to love. It is what we were created to do.

  4. I just finished The Other Sister and as soon as my pulse settles, I will open The Good Sister! It truly left me on the edge of my seat and I Loved the ending!! Now I can look forward to The Best Friend!

  5. FIrst time reader of your books and I just finished reading The Other Sister and i loved it. Have to go get the Good Sister now.

  6. I just finished reading The Other Sister Jessis book and I have to say I love it. Can wait to read to continue on to Lindsey.

  7. Although I read The Good Sister first, I am not disappointed .What an amazingly real story addressing domestic abuse. I was hooked from the first few pages. Fantastically brave outcome for Lindsey. I look forward to reading The Other Sister tomorrow!

  8. i really enjoyed the sister books was up way to late early morn cause I could not put them down . It is sad that this actually does happen to folks but am glad in these books that’s all they were is good reading Thanks for keeping me on the edge of my set .

  9. I do not normally read anything with violence, as it makes me anxious. However, I began reading The Good Sister not realizing it had violence in it. I must admit, I did skip paragraphs because of the graphic details, but I loved the story. Jessie and Will did not have the typical romance of lead characters, which I found intriguing. Great job! I look forward to reading the other books in the series!

  10. I just finished The Good Sister. Like The Other Sister, I cried with ttboth sisters. Both stories were emotionaland had me captivated from beginning to end. I cannot wait for Gretchens story.

  11. I read the sister books in 2 weeks! I haven’t read like that in YEARS! I can’t wait until April 29 to read more about Gretchen!
    I loved reading their stories! At times I cried but they were both great books!

  12. OHMYGOSH!!! I just finished reading The Other Sister. I loved loved loved it!!
    I cried like a baby!! I loved the characters and the story line. I could not stop reading. I can’t wait to get ahold to The Good Sister and looking forward to The Best Friend.
    Thank you so much for the great read!!

  13. I just got done reading the book(the other sister). I really loved it am getting ready to read book 2 and can’t wait for book.Thanks

  14. I live in Bellingham,Washington and was interested to see that you went to Western Washington University. I loved both Sister books. The characters of Jessie and Will were my favorites, and I can envision more sequels (hoping)).

  15. Enjoyed first two in sisters series. Surprised at the number of mistakes in grammar. Look forward to the third book.

  16. Just finished the zenith trilogy all I can say is WOW all the emotion the rollercoaster of emotions blew me away I cried I laughed but most of all I loved the characters Robs story couldn’t put it down Spencers story was brilliant. Joelles story got me on a different level a bit close to home fantastic will forever remember these three fantastic books xxxx

  17. I just finished best friend…. wow outstanding… so when is Olivia coming out? Great job.

  18. I read The Good Sister and just finished The Best Friend. Enjoyed both and the first one gave me in the face clarity on how horrible abuse is and often where one would least expect it. I think I’ll skip the first two since I have a pretty good sense of what Jessie went through. I’m looking forward to reading the book about Tracy.

  19. Your books are amazing. Each one is such a good read, full of passion, emotion and feeling. I love each and every one of them and could read them over and over again. I could not chose which series I like best as they are all fantastic.

  20. I have just finished reading River’s End which is a beautifully written story and my heart is still full of the emotion I felt from it. Once again Leanne Davis has taken the reader into the depths of the character’s feelings so that you feel all the sorrow all the love and all the passion involved. You cannot help but feel for Erin who has had no help with life. My heart ached for her and I wanted to give her a big hug and help her gain confidence in herself. She meets Jack, a strong, kind and good man and as the story develops so does their relationship. The descriptions of the scenery, the horses and the ranch were so clear that I felt almost as though I could touch and feel the mountains, the beach and the grass and I could almost hear the ripple of the stream and the singing of the birds. I loved this story and cannot wait until the next book in the series is published. I highly recommend this book to you.

  21. I just finished “The Other Sister” ! I could not put it down! It was a great read. I cannot wait to read the other books in this series. Also other books by Leanne Davis!

  22. I really enjoyed this book , couldnt wait to get back to it. The ending was a nice surprise .

  23. Finished the both the Other Sister and Good Sister in less then two weeks! You are amazing! Your writing is captivating and suspenseful, honest and real. Even giving one single woman the hope and power to believe in herself you have changed the world. You are an inspiration and I have so many questions for you. Email me if you have a tiny second because you are impressive and I want to pick your brain. Thank you again for all your hard work.

  24. I just finished Seclusion and I loved it! I became deeply involved in the characters lives, as I do in all your books. The plot took me where I wanted it to lead and back to the best ending I could have asked for. Thanks , once again, for sharing your amazing talent with us!!

  25. I always look forward to a new book especially one written by Leanne Davis. She has the ability to transfer her reader into her story where you can feel every emotion, where you can sense your surroundings and where you can hear the sounds reaching out to you. I could feel the salt from the sea, the wind whistling around you, smell the coffee etc. Seclusion tells the story of Angie, a lonely and troubled young lady who has grown up with virtually no support and family and it follows her journey of discovery and fulfillment. She became pregnant aged 16 and had to give her baby for adoption. The baby’s father Sean was also 16. He loves Angie but he also has had his own problems to deal with as he matures. I ached for these two young people, I cried at their sorrow and I longed for them to be together. I was angry at the way they had been treated and I wanted to see them conquer all. I felt their highs and their lows.This is another amazing story which confirms my belief that Leanne Davis is one of the best authors around. Please read this book I highly recommend it.

  26. Wow! It does not get better than this! I have just finished reading The Years Between (Sister Series 1.5) , Will and Jessie’s story and find myself bursting with emotion. I loved them both in The Other Sister and to read of their struggles in depth was wonderful. My heart ached for Will who appears so strong and yet when he showed the emotional side of him made me love him even more. Jessie is so strong and yet does not realise this and to see her and Will as they make their way through their marriage and try to become a “normal” couple makes a great story. There were also parts of their struggle I did not see coming and these added to my enjoyment of this book. Once again Leanne Davis has demonstrated what a brilliant and talented author she is. Please read this book you will love it.

  27. I read the good sister and the other sister back to back over 8hours as I did nothing else but read your words with enjoyment and tears . You tell a powerful story,congrats! I’ll be looking for more of your work.

  28. I have just finished the first 4 books of the sister series.
    I see there will be 2 more.
    Please add my name to your list and let me know when
    they will be released.
    Very good books, keep your interest, and so glad I read them.

  29. Ms. Davis, The Other Sister was recommended to me and I couldn’t put it down. Before I finished it I had ordered 2 more in the series. I’ve just finished the Good Sister and will order the other 2. I laughed, cried and thoroughly enjoyed reading these books. God bless and please continue to share your wonderful gifts with your fans and I certainly include myself in that group.

  30. Just finished the Sisters series. I found it hard to put any one of them down. I’m anxious for the “Olivia” book release in April. Please send an email reminding me of its release.
    I don’t normally read contemporary romance…but I can’t label your books as such. Each book had interesting characters, a little mystery, and engaging plot lines. You’ve made a new fan!

  31. I enjoyed this book very much and I was glued to it all the way through. This is my 2nd book in this series and I cannot wait until book number 3. All your books are good reads .

  32. Love Love the story first time I read your book. Would like to continue reading the next one about the sisters. You are an amazing writer full of emotion full of surprise and I had tears reading this story about Will and Jessie. Just amazing

  33. I just started to read your books will be recommend them to all. I am looking forward to seeing more of your books on Amazon as my kindle is my best friend and constant companion.

  34. I have read all the sister series and have just finished the first one on the daughters serious Christina. I was looking for the second one Natalie but can’t seem to find this on Amazon. Has this been released yet or is there a release date?
    Have loved all the books so far. The one fault I feel they do have are that some words are missing from ssentences. This will not stop me reading them though.

  35. I just finished The Good Sister and must say that I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to reading the other ones in the series. Great job Leanne Davis. Thank you for writing this book.

  36. i have just finished the Sister series and Christina. I can’t wait for the rest of the daughter series to be out on kindle. I love all of Leanne Davis books. They are so different from most books, really look in depth at challenges faced by some people, including myself. They are sensitive, accurate and true to life. I could not put them down.

  37. I am reading The Wrong Sister now and love these books. Reading on my Kindle but would like to know where to get copies, preferably paperbacks of them to give to my daughter. Love your bookd, now looking also for the Daughter ones! My library never has them and tgat is upsetting. Thanks for such great reads!!

  38. Just finished the Rivers End series and totally enjoyed it. Am waiting for the next installment.

  39. NATALIE. I wish I had the ability to convey just what this wonderful book means to me. I love nothing better than a story I can get to grips with and want to read non stop. This is such a book. Leanne manages to write in such a way that you feel her characters are real and you can emotionally get involved with them. Never one to avoid controversial topics this deals amongst other things with a husbands betrayal. I felt for both Natalie and for her husband Sam. She had so much to handle as well as facing the traumatic events surrounding her birth. My heart was in my mouth as the story unfolded and I hoped that there would be a happy ending. I highly recommend reading this book.

  40. Ms. Davis, thank you so much for giving me so many hours of reading pleasure. The first book of yours I read was Jessie and Will’s story (which was free) and amazing. I then proceeded to buy every book you have ever written. Just finished “Natalie” and can’t wait for Melissa’s story. Your stories are wonderful, with ‘tough’ story lines, which have a deeply emotional impact.
    My sincere thanks, Nancy Smith

  41. I tried to make Natalie last as long as possible. I read it in 3 days rather than my normal 2 days as I did for all the other of Leannes amazing titles. This one book hit home so hard it has me thinking about things I need to do in my marriage before the cheating starts. You fall into a rhythm of life,kids, taking care of older parents and forget what made you fall in love in the first place. Thank you for that. Can’t wait for the next one!

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